Life is a journey

Wish it was as simple as a train ride.

But no… there’s no tracks laid out. Or even if there were, I’m often wondering if I’m on the right train.

The last two years of my life had been a hectic journey. From the family members being sick, to having my first child, then to bring them over to the United States. I feel like I’ve finally grown up to be a real adult, with responsibilities that are simply way too hard for me to carry. I used to be that guy who’s always smiling and talking about the brighter side of things, but I’ve noticed that I no longer smile.

But then, quite the paradox, is that I’ve never had the pleasure of such immense happiness. Watching my daughter grow up seems to be the unifying key to the bond that ties us all together.

Finally I understand my parents when they say that I was their true hope in life. And I wish, that I can find more smiles in my daily life by living the hope. This is my new train ride.


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