Life’s a journey, ain’t it?

Apart from working as a global advertising agency account guy, I’ve always been interested in doing something creative. Yeah, with my passion for taking photos, writing, eating & traveling, technology, and learning about people, it just came to me that I’ve been living life without any record of it.

As boring and shallow my life may seem to some, perhaps journaling it for the world to see would help me lead a better, more exciting, and fun life. Or for some (and I hope), maybe the way I see the world will help and inspire them. 

Either way, I think we all have a long road ahead of us – let me share my side of the story, so you get to know the inner workings of my brain and heart. And in return, give me your honest opinion so I can hone and be a better person, and perhaps you can share your greatest moments for me to write about.  

The true journey begins now. For something amazing. Greatness is my next stop.  


(Psst… BTW, I have nothing to do with donkeys and monkeys, apart from the fact that they tend to be great companions on journeys. So… No animals were used or hurt as a result of running this blog.)